Sustainable singing technique and teaching: Keys to a long-term and healthy journey in the sign of song

The importance of a sustainable singing technique in combination with sustainable teaching is something that should be prioritized, regardless of whether you are a beginner at singing or if you have been active in singing for a long time. A sustainable technique and teaching method not only protects your voice over time, but also promotes a significantly deeper artistic expression and technical skill. In this article we will take a look at what a sustainable singing technique really means and how it is taken into account and implemented in the teaching of a singing teacher like me, Florian Voss. 

Basic principles for a sustainable singing technique 

Developing and building a singing technique that is gentle and effective is something that all singers should strive for. The reason you should sing with a sustainable technique is to minimize the risk of vocal fatigue and other types of damage to the voice. Instead, you want to put effort into maximizing both the voice's capacity and lifespan. Here are some key components regarding what a sustainable singing technique includes: 

  • Breathing technique: To be able to get a strong controlled voice, the magic lies in understanding how to breathe when you sing. Many take support from their stomachs and breathe in with their mouths open when they start singing. The important thing to take with you is to never put too much "weight" on the neck, as this can cause long-term damage to your voice. 
  • Warm up your voice: You should always warm up your voice to make the vocal cords warm and soft. There are different types of warm-up exercises, all with the main purpose of preventing injury and giving you a stronger start when you're going to sing. 
  • Scale up the song: Start with easier songs and then gradually increase the difficulty. All songs, melodies and genres all have different levels vocally. For example, if you are going to work out at a gym for the first time, adjust the weights according to your own ability and what you can bear, otherwise you risk in the worst case getting injured. The same applies to singing, where you need to learn the basics from the start to then be able to switch up. 
  • Body language and posture: Posture when you sing has a direct impact on airflow and voice control. Depending on whether you are going to sing live or in a studio, there are different postures and techniques you should consider. 
  • Articulation and Pronunciation: The lyrics are incredibly important when you sing. It's not just about learning the words, but also understanding what the words mean and pronouncing them correctly.

Student and teacher

One of the most important factors to start from for me as an educator is what your purpose and ambition is with singing. Why do you want to learn or get better at singing, where are you singing today and what is your goal? The answers to these questions determine to the highest degree how I individualize the teaching adapted to you. A lot of responsibility lies with me as a singing teacher in teaching, as I need to give you the right kind of tools and knowledge from the start. The opportunity to develop your voice is huge – you just have to get to know yourself first. Together, we therefore make sure that you create an awareness of how your unique voice works, as it lays the foundation for the pursuit of a sustainable and healthy singing technique that is relaxed as well as pleasant to use.

Sustainable singing lessons with Florian Voss

I, Florian Voss, am a trained voice and speech teacher and have over 14,000 teaching hours since 2011 with students from all over the world. In 2014 I developed my teaching concept called Voice, Body & Soul®. My focus in teaching is to work with a singing technique where the student works with his whole voice, body and soul in a sustainable way - as it is obvious to me that all these parts are connected. Regardless of genre, learning a sustainable vocal technique is of great importance, regardless of where you are in the here and now and how high you aim. If you are interested in singing lessons, you have come to the right place. You are very welcome to book in with one of mine singing lessons!