Singing lessons

The body as an instrument

I started teaching at several different levels in 2011 and have now coached students around the world for over 10 years. I have had the honor of helping students work on their voice for over 14,000 hours. It is important to look at singing from a holistic perspective. We humans are always in motion and that means that the song should be too. How do we tune our instrument, our body, so that we swing as well as the bow of a violin?

How do we feel such a strong inner balance so that we can reach out with our voice? Feel free to book an appointment with me so that we can begin your personal journey in the sign of song and music.

The song as a tool

I am a trained voice and speech teacher and I have developed the methodology Voice, Body & Soul®. Where we consistently use exercises in speech, singing and body technique to recreate harmony in our voice, body and soul.

I have studied with Prof. Konstantin Pustovoj from Russia and continued my studies at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg and at the New York Film Academy in New York. I also have a concert diploma as an opera singer.

All this knowledge that I possess I use today to make my students into happy songbirds.

Voice, Body & Soul®

Voice, Body & Soul® helps you find your natural inner voice.

We offer a warm atmosphere when you visit us. All styles and levels are welcome such as Jazz, Pop, Musical, Rock & Opera. We are there for beginners as well as professional singers who want to try something they can't find anywhere else.

What you can expect:

  • Work and develop your speaking voice
  • Learn to relax during our breathing exercises included in your speaking voice
  • A unique singing methodology that gives you joy and self-confidence
  • Belting and other techniques
  • Body awareness exercises that increase your presence
  • Music theory, acting and music interpretation     


You are welcomed digitally via Google-meets or on site in Stockholm in our Vocal Studio near Drottninggatan at Adolf fredriks kyrgogata 13 at a time that suits you best. We also offer singing lessons in nice sörfjärden, in nordanstig's municipality.

Our next courses

You express your interest in voice coaching, so-called Vocal Coaching, via email to:

We send you our current prices and you book your appointment 4-6 weeks in advance. Then your journey can also begin! 

Ours Terms and Conditions applies to every booking.

Vocal Workshop in Stockholm

A short and intensive program for those who want to refine their speech and singing technique with guest lecturers from all over the world!

Food & Transport on demand

International guest lecturer: Nathaniel Doquist

5 – 7 January 2024

International Summer Program 2024 in Sigtuna

Food & Transport on demand

27 – 30 June 2024

Mariah Carey's Casting Director

During AFTONBLADET's interview with Mariah Carey's Casting Director, the question came up:

- You fly Florian to America to coach during your Broadway produced shows, how come??
- She answered: What we see with Florian we have never seen before!! and he gets better results in ten minutes than others in 5 hours.

Honorable missions

During my international courses, I like to and often collaborate with celebrities with whom I have shared the stage all over the world during my years as a performer/tenor. To name a few, Alexis Carra (Grey's Anatomy), Thomas Aydintan (Concert Pianist), Jermaine Bradley (Black Panther) and Lindsay Robertson-Greene (Phantom of the Opera)

We gather for a few intensive days where we go through all parts of Voice, Body & Soul®. You as a participant will work intensively but also relaxed with the techniques we teach. We focus on singing during these occasions but of course also on speech, voice, body and soul work.

You can choose based on your experience and background whether you want to participate as an "Observer", "Evolver" or "Performer". It is perfectly okay to observe and watch what the others are doing.

You can get more information and pricing on the various packages via email

We recommend that you contact us in good time to secure your place.

Thoughts from previous participants

Here you can hear what my students and participants think and think. click here and follow along to my Youtube profile.


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