My Music

Music from the heart

It is common for artists to release their own music. But for me it hasn't been like that. I have great respect for music and creating something of your own really takes time. The long-awaited "fame" that many artists get when they are seen in the news or with different record companies is not what I'm after, I just wanted to be myself. 

Your voice gives me strength to continue

Through my journey with talent, I have come one step closer to being able to be myself. I had the privilege of meeting brilliant artists and so I started thinking about doing something completely unique myself. I said to myself: “Don't hide anymore Florian, you have a talent that touches!” So I decided: "Stop hiding, show myself, show my real voice." Leave the old opera voice alone and try something new".
Your voice gives me strength to continue and I want to give you a special humble thanks!

What happens in the future?

I'm learning a lot because I got to release different cover songs together with outstanding producers. I liaise with record companies regarding rights, produce music videos and am absolutely proud of the team I have built alongside me. Amazing people who helped me record "The Sound of Silence" , "Creep" , "Rainfall", "Hallelujah", "True Amore", "O Holy Night" and "Schumann's Dichterliebe".

After my participation in Talang, I was contacted by a producer and a songwriter. They asked me if I would like to get my own music and song out. After a few questions about what the song should be about, I said: Loneliness! A feeling that connects us all throughout the world. It was easy, we recorded "Break Through" in September 2023. The music video recording for my first own song happened in January 2024 and we have released the song in the spring of 2024. I have already started the next big project and it is still a secret whenever and however I will inform you on my social media about it as usual.

Thanks to Elena von Arnold and Anton Rondin for their support and genius in creating this song from scratch. We recorded on MFG Studios in Stockholm where Måns Zelmerlöw and Loreen also produced music.

Along the way, I have learned something really important:

"Don't forget who you really are - you have every reason to do what you want and what you can, at any time, all your life"

Thanks to the whole Talent Team, big thanks to the Producer Jonas Thunder and all the fans for this “Wake-Up-Call”!

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