About me

Who am I?

You can find a lot of information about me through a Google search, but for me it's important that you get to know me personally.


My mother's name is Gaby (Gabriele Anna-Louise) Voss and my father's name is Wolfgang (Hugo) Pommerenke-Voss. My father unfortunately passed away a few years ago. My mother lives in our big house in Bremerhaven, in northern Germany.

I grew up near the water and maybe that's why I love living in Sweden and in Sörfjärden. It really feels like home here! When I came to Sweden, it took a few years until I could really understand and feel the typical Swedish culture and soul.

I have learned and am still learning to love Sweden. Now I don't want to let go of the country, I feel like a Swede and I am Swedish.

My story

My parents have always motivated me to be open-minded. They have taught me not to judge other people, but to create my own opinion instead. I grew up in a very safe home with many siblings. Did you know that my parents adopted foster children who lacked a home of their own and had medical difficulties? During my childhood, we were sometimes 5-6 children at home and we all had to live in our own room. At home I sang so loudly that everyone disappeared when I started practicing!

My siblings are called Christian and Mattias. I see both of them as my brothers, even though Mattias has a different biological family. We haven't always had it easy, but I love both of my brothers and when we do see each other, we get along very well. At first my brothers didn't understand why I wanted to study singing, but after my success they realized I had talent. Strange, though, that I myself never believed that I had talent. My father believed in me a lot and I have received an incredible amount of support from both my parents during my upbringing. I am truly grateful for all the experiences from my upbringing.

Now I have decided to sing when I feel love and joy. I now share this joy with myself while realizing my dreams of a peaceful and joyful future.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for visiting my new website!

My time with The Ten Tenors

This is one of the greatest experiences I have been a part of. A world tour with the Australian boy group The Ten Tenors. We traveled the world and released the CD "Wish you were here" with Sony Music. I got to sing in the DirecTV Arena in Buenos Aires, Las Vegas or even on Hollywood Access TV in Los Angeles. We were also the headline act in many national TV shows in Germany, Australia, New Zealand as well as South and North America.

My life in pictures

My collaborators

In all my years I have met many different people in several different industries.

Many of my partners I have built a long-term relationship with, almost like my friends! For example, the Royal Opera House, TUI Cruises, Opera Källaren, Balder's properties, Profilskaparen and Café Opera, Typografiska Ateljén and Hotel Baltic.

It is with pride that I present these as references, partners and friends.

My thoughts on Talent