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The start of my journey

I have been singing since I was 17 years old. The priest at church told me I was good at singing, so I started singing in the shower like many others. Since then I have sung all over the world.


The greatest experience I've been part of was a world tour together with the Australian boy group The Ten Tenors. Together we traveled around the world and also released a CD with Sony Music called "Wish you were here". I have sung in Directv Arena in Buenos Aires, in Las Vegas and also on Hollywood Access TV in Los Angeles. We were the main act in many national TV programs in Germany, Australia, New Zealand as well as in South and North America. What an experience it was! PAt the Royal Opera House in Stockholm, I gathered a lot of experience in large stage productions. Here I got to sing in an ensemble, but also as a soloist every day, like 6 days a week. 

It is important to take care of one's voice and instrument, even under difficult circumstances - so with me you get to meet someone with stamina. Many people are touched when I sing. They think there is so much expression in my voice and that they get goosebumps all over their bodies. I sing everything from classical Christmas and opera music to musicals and pop music. Yes, I also got to dance with "The Ten Tenors".

Would you like to book me to leave one great impression on your guests and your audience? Or do you have a unique marketing idea where you want to create opportunities? Send me a request via the contact form a little further down the page.

Show production​

I have learned a lot about sound and light as well as production technology. During these years, I have also had the honor of doing officer training for Tui Cruises, which belongs to the Royal Caribbean Group, and Aida Cruises, which belongs to Carnival Maritime. As Entertainment Manager I was responsible for multiple theaters on board a cruise ship which included everything from event, project planning, personnel responsibility and technical responsibility. During these years I have learned how to use a mixing desk, sound and lighting system and also manage a live streaming kit. 

Through the Konsertbutiken, I get the opportunity to use all technical equipment. So if you are interested in a whole show production where I not only sing, but also help you with sound, lighting and live streaming. Just let me know! Together with my team at Konsertbutiken, I can carry out all types of productions adapted to your specific needs. 

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We have all the equipment needed for small to medium-sized events, mobile and easy to move. Our contact network is large, so we can contribute stylish dancers in stylish costumes to your particular event. 

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My own stage show!

Now I've also got my own stage show and it's about me and what I've experienced in my life as an artist. It is touching, interactive and modern. Read on for more information and contact me if you want to see the show near you!

"All that glimmers is not gold"

A dinner show about love, loneliness and endless joy!

Florian Voss, known from Talang. For the first time on stage with his own show. Join us on an exciting journey behind the scenes of an artist with an international career. In this show, Florian reveals what lies behind the glittering facade. Even as a young man he discovered to his own surprise that he could sing. But he fought back. Was this really what he wanted to do?

We get to follow a multifaceted person on a journey to find himself. He is affected by the love that uproots him. He loses faith in himself. But he fights on and finds new ways. Be touched and brighten your life with a fantastic classic dinner show.

Get to know Florian from a completely different side and meet his dear friends singer Jamie Marie Hatcher and actor Bengt Einarsson.

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